VKV Praha s.r.o. is the largest manufacturer of complete systems of vacuum toilet systems in the Czech Republic since the first applications in 2003.
We offer free capacities in the field of welding stainless steel and aluminum alloys for rail and other applications.

Production of complete toilet modules in according to European standards, and according to our own documentation. Toilet modules are always made according to the requirements of the customer with regards to the state of the art design and materials used. Dimensions are always adjusted to the vehicle. Customers can choose from a selection of modules both standard and adapted for use by immobile passengers. All modules satisfy the requirements of European standards, UIC and TSI standards. The materials used meet the requirements for good maintenance and high durability.

Types of toilet modules:


Manufacturing of water tanks, retention tanks and fuel tanks from stainless steel, different frames made of aluminum alloys and other components for railway and other applications. Tanks are always manufactured in according to instalation dispositions and requirements for the volume of water, waste water or fuel. Production capacity of tanks ranging from 250 to 1500 liters. Material used is usually stainless steel AISI 304, AISI 316L and AISI 316Ti.

Examples of some types of tanks: